The cycling school is a place where we can count on volunteers. Everybody with a heart for people and cycling is welcome to give us a hand. Interested?

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Giving cycling lessons

During the cycling lessons we help people to learn how to ride a bike and that's not always easy. Together with other volunteers we are finding a balance between learning, conquer fears, celebrating progress and just having fun. Step by step on a safe square and after that in the streets. Patience, enthusiasm, an open mind and the desire to get the best out of our particpants is crucial.

Do you want join us?

Practising, practising, practising

Some of our participants need an extra push after the cycling lessons. They do not dare to cycle independently yet, they do not have a bike yet and they don't want to loose the cycling skills. That's why we offer extra cycling opportunities. We are handling 2 formats:

  • Cycling in group: with other participants and volunteers just for fun
  • Cycling 1 on 1: for partipants that need extra practising to cycle independently in traffic

Do you want to assist a small group or cycle with 1 person?

Offer your talents

Maybe you are a born salesman, a great photographer, a born writer or a real handy man/woman?

Do you want to share your talent on a voluntary base?